the mental stability of a creative

please excuse any grammatical errors in this post as this is just a passage i wrote for a talk i gave at smad con which i had no intention of sharing but someone needs to read this wanted to keep it so yea…a few commas may be missing + other things

so often at events that pertain to social media, we usually only hear or talk about how we can exert ourself to be better, but you never really hear anyone discuss how we can take the time to better ourselves. so I’m going to shake things up a bit because change doesn’t happen when you’re comfortable. 

a topic that I feel isn’t discussed enough is obviously our state of mind but the roller coaster of emotions that we go through every day as a people but definitely as a creative. we get accepted, denied, and put on hold everyday sometimes all within the same hour. 

depression is our biggest enemy. it’ll be the biggest battle we face daily. you can be the happiest person in the whole world and feel the wrath of depression at any moment. i’m going to preface this by saying that everything i am saying is all easier said then done. we as creatives need to normalize the discussion of depression in our industry. we have made it such a strange thing to be depressed and to allow that emotion to work its way through our life. does that make sense? we no longer take the time to allow the emotion to happen, we just ignore it. We have literally decided that we are going to take an entire emotion and make it obsolete until the unimaginable happens, death. We take the death of an individual who has suffered from depression and we shout it out to the rooftops. Screaming yelling and posting how much we didn’t realize how depressed they were. It’s because they are told to keep that side of their life private and if they open  up and talk about it their fans won’t look at them the same. STOP UN NORMALIZING the emotion that is depression. We just can’t skip over it. No more! 

Talk to your friends, talk to yourself, talk to anyone that is willing to listen and not judge you on the things that may put you in the state of depression. What I mean by this is, don’t let someone say “well that shouldn’t bother you” or “that’s not enough of an issue to make you depressed” Those are the kind of individuals that will keep you in the circulation of “all day everyday happiness” and that’s not a real thing because we are human and we have emotions. 

When you things that bother you, you must take action immediately don’t brush it off. Even if it’s an inkling of the feeling talk about it. Find someone that works for you, a traditional doctor or holistic as long as it works for YOU. If someone says something about you or your work in general and it bothers you to the point that you can’t stop thinking about it SAY SOMETHING. If they can’t take the time to understand how what they said or did may have made you feel KEEP IT MOVING. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. This applies to day to day life and business matter. No amount of sadness is worth your time or money. You can’t get your time back and money will always come. SAY SOMETHING

We as creatives are always trying to keep up or be better then the Jones’ if you will. That has got to stop. It doesn’t matter WHEN or HOW you do something as long as you get it done.

Being a creative can be tough. You are constantly fighting in your head about whether or not you should do something like going to an event or catching up on emails.. 

You’re always thinking, will this be beneficial. If I don’t go will people think that I think that I am better then them? I mean it is seriously an every day battle. We as creatives don’t work on someone else’s schedule, we work on our own, which is a LUXURY and we need to always remember that.

We feel bad for taking days off because we are always thinking well I could be working.

This tends to lead to more stress and this is where the practice of balance then comes into play. We have to remember that we need to stick up for ourselves and our decisions. The results will always be better if you set aside time to get a few work things done then go play instead of not touching any of your work and then stressing about it the whole time your supposed to be playing.. make sense? 

You create your work and life balance. Don’t allow anyone else to do so. 

I’m now going to take the time to touch on the the following. Acceptance, being denied or turned down, and being put on hold. 


ACCEPTANCE. That’s our favorite word right? We’ve done all of the hard work to get up to this point and now we’ve gotten the prize. Don’t slack up here. Now you need to bring your A game to the table times 1,000. Show your client why they chose you over everyone else. Be timely, be persistent and always ask questions if you are confused about what they may want. Never leave room for error.


okay so this is the easy topic I’ll go to the tougher one next. BEING DENIDED


getting denied is one of the hardest things and one of the worst feelings. it’ll make you feel like you aren’t worthy of whatever opportunity you just lost and any other opportunity that is to come. THAT IS NOT TRUE. it will take sometime to add this into your daily routine but you have to remember that YOU DIDN’T GET THAT OPPERTUNITY because something better is coming. Something that is more deserving of you. you may not be the right fit for that client and THAT’S OKAY. we are not going to get very job we pitch the first second or third time around. we may never get it at all and that’s okay because it wasn’t meant for us. don’t become bitter, don’t give up, and don’t allow the “no” that you have received from allowing you to accept the yes that is coming. 


and last but not least being put on hold. 


being put on hold can be just as stressful as being denied because that’s what it feels like. that’s not always the case. you may be put on hold simply because you may be two steps ahead of them and they just aren’t ready for that kind of exceleration yet.  don’t allow being put on hold to make you feel like you’ve lost an opportunity. the opportunity just ins’t ready for you yet. what do they say, “good things come to those who wait?” 


as a creative, perspective is our best friend. It will keep us out of those dark holes of sadness and make it easier for us to see the light. we must always remember PERSPECTIVE. 



i don’t want to seem like I’m only talking about one sided being a creative.,

 there are PLENTY of positives that come with being a creative, but those things are ALWAYS talked about. it doesn’t seem like anyone takes the time to talk about the hardships so that’s why i’m here. 


i can go on and on about different subjects, like discussing money, your rates, when to tell someone else no and etc but I’ll save that for another discussion. i wanted this to be short and sweet and i didn’t want to take up to much of your time but just enough of it, because I know you’ve got work to do.



i get asked a lot “How do you stay motivated” i give the same answer every time i’m asked this. i OPEN MY EYES. the start of a new day is motivating enough for me on most days. some days I’m stuck in my head but then I’ll apply all of the above to get myself going.


we need to remember that everything we do is a LUXURY. getting that coffee, getting your nails done, having central ac, its all luxury. 


we as people but especially creatives need to keep on the for front of our brains everyday that we work for ourselves, we make our own schedule and that it doesn’t mater the order we do things as long as we get them done. 



please feel free to reach out to me if you are struggling with anything ANYTHING or just need some general guidance if you’re having an off day.