Beauty Products: Primers + Foundation Tools

last week I did a poll on instagram asking you all if you’d be interested in seeing the makeup products that I use and about 98% of you said yes! WAHOOOO! i’ve decided to break it up as not to overload you with all of my products haha! First up, foundations primers and their tools! being that i have combination oily skin I usually gravitate towards foundations and primers that are mattifying. my face steps go as followed (I’ll share a video next week)

step 1: spray my face with smashbox primer water

step 2: apply benefit porefecting primer in my t-zone

step 3: apply a small amount of the laura mercier translucent powder to set everything you just did #gamechanger. even if you don’t use the two products above adding a little powder to your face prior to your foundation will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. you’ll honestly never be able to go back!

i know this may seem like a lot of steps/ products before we even get to the foundation but TRUST me it’s not! doing these steps prior makes for a flawless foundation for your foundation to lay on. now that you are done priming, time to move on to the fun, foundations! (well sorta)

i’m not really picky when it comes to the type of foundation i wear. i wear a mix of high end and drugstore b/c if it works it works! before i get into that list i’m going to share with you the two products i use the most to apply my foundation.

Foundation Tools:

Beauty Blender: at first, i didn’t understand the hype and was very confused when people would wet the sponge and then put it on their face. i just KNEW that it was going to make my foundation come off haha!

HOW TO: take your dry beauty blender and run it under water (i prefer mine to be luke warm) once you’ve done that, you can either apply dots of foundation to your face with your finger then blend in with the beauty blender ORRRRRRRRRR apply those dots with the beauty blender then BLEND FOR YOUR LIFE!

again this is one of those steps/ products that once you get the hang of it, it’ll be hard to go back! i tried linking a beauty blender bundle where you get TWO beauty blenders + two soaps (for cleaning the sponges) + a beauty blender case for $40 but it’s sold out everywhere online! :( i did find one beauty blender that comes with a mini solid for cleaning!

next tool is a beauty staple. your tried and true foundation brush. i’ve only ever used one that i’ve liked. it’s the real technique expert face brush. im sure there are others out there but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it OKKKUURRR. the same steps used for the beauty blender can be applied with the foundation brush.

to be continued… next up F O U N D A T I O N S!